Designing a block of flats

Dear Jonno
I need your help as I would like to build several one- and two-bedroom flats on a 1ha piece of land. I would like these to be double-storey flats with a modern, attractive design. They should have an open-plan kitchen and sitting room, a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a small porch or balcony. Please could you draw a concept for me so that I can visualise how these would look once completed?


Dear Thandi
Thank you for the request for the let- table one- and two-bedroom units. In the sketch, I have shown the units to be compact but comfortable. These can easily be enlarged proportionately to suit your anticipated lessees. The perspective view shows the single and double bedrooms alongside each other.

These can also be arranged in blocks of singles and doubles. In the two-bedroom units, I have also shown an optional balcony. Ideally, there should be partitioning walls between the units’ porches for privacy. However, I have not shown them here so that you can have more clarity of the fenestration.

Please check with your local authority or town planning department if your site will allow a commercial development of this nature.

Let me have your further suggestions and we’ll take it from there.
Best regards, Jonno