Friendly advice

We had a surprise visit from a couple my wife and I befriended some 40 years ago. Trevor and Margaret found an old copy of Farmer’s Weekly with my picture in it and ferreted me out.

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They have recently bought a farm in the Highflats district of southern KZN. Paging through my portfolio of sketches, and after much discussion, teas and beers, a particular layout of a three bedroom house caught their eye. The room arrangement was perfect for them.

“We can build it with bedrooms two and three and the master bedroom upstairs, and when we get too old to climb the stairs we’ll add a master bedroom downstairs,” Trevor said. While the accommodation was perfect they wanted a more modern style. “Not anything too ostentatious, but something that would still suit a rural setting, – something in between” said Margaret.

Well, how’s this: open beam ceilings for the living areas; plenty of glass, even over the bay windows and veranda entrance to the living room; and a leisure deck over the master en suite below; all the things we spoke about. Good to have made the reacquaintance. Give me a shout to discuss the project further. 

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