Just 100m2 & space to spare

Jonno, I work at a mine in Lesotho, and would like to build a thatched roof cottage from natural stone of about 80m2 to 100m2.

I need two bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a living/kitchen area and a study. I would like to keep costs down since it can’t be sold. Do you perhaps have a simple solution?
Kind regards

Hi Pieter
Thanks for the fresh challenge. I bet you never thought that I’d come up with a Basutho home concept, but with contemporary upgrading! The central ‘four-way’ fireplace helps to support a rather heavy 9m diameter roof span. Similarly, the en-suite bedrooms under separate roofs lessens the overall roof volume. Building with field-stone can reduce costs considerably. I have a building method by which the rockwork can be cast in situ.

It must, however, be a cement mortar bonding. Also, you’ll have to buy the window and door frames. If you think of it, the local rural folk built similar units at no cost at all, except sweat and aching muscles. This cottage will, however, need to be more substantial. First prize at the end of your term would be that you can sell it to someone local. A sleeper deck can also be created over the office and kitchen area; there is that space to spare. Give me a call and we can discuss any other ideas or options you may have. I attach my advisory of costs.
Kind regards