Nothing plain about it

Jonno designs a beautiful four-bedroom house for Patience and her family.

Nothing plain about it

Patience came to see me over the Easter weekend. She would like a house with four bedrooms for her growing family, herself and her hubby. As she resides in Estcourt, there would always be a demand for accommodation, should the kids venture elsewhere one day. Sub-letting rooms to workers in the area would supplement income in her retirement years. The two upstairs bedrooms would be used for this purpose.

Floor Plan:  Ground floor 150m2; First floor 70m2; Garage & O/B 50m2; Veranda & porches 55m2

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Together we conceptualised the floor layout to suit her requirements. Patience, here is the finished layout and perspective view. It looks somewhat extravagant, but in reality it is only the embodied features that make it look that way. You will of course devise your own colour scheme. The roofs over the double-storey bedrooms and the living area can also be shortened; so as not to extend over the verandas. This would cut some costs, and give the front façade an improved look. Typical of these pseudo-Tuscan homes is their much segmented feature roofing. It should not be too plain.

Regards, Jonno