Take it up a notch

Jonno, My husband and I will be retiring from public service in five years, but we want to start building our dream home now.

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The one we liked most was one that appeared in Garden and Home in Feb 2006. This house would suit us perfectly, but would it be possible to create more bedrooms upstairs in the roof area as you explained in the article. We would also like the roof to be tiled, as we’re frequently going to build fires. I will be sending you details and pictures of the site, as the plans will need to be approved by our local authority.

We look forward to your sketches.

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Greetings Bertha,I couldn’t agree more; if you leave it another five years the house will cost you twice as much. You said that you want as many rooms as possible in the roof area, so I’ve pulled out a sketch that I drew some 10 years ago, which is similar in layout, but with four bedrooms upstairs and two more downstairs.

I can convert the roof to a tiled roof quite easily, while keeping the looks and style the same. The sketch you mentioned is similar in accommodation but the floor area is much bigger. Consider both and give me your preferences.

Regards, Jonno