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Land reform farms that work

Many land reform farms have collapsed, so are there any that work? The Free State Agriculture Land Reform Success Day showcased some successful land reform farms. Peter Mashala reports.

Mentorship beats government money

Dirkie Willemse, an emerging farmer from Suurbraak, and his mentor Dirk van Papendorp, a livestock and crop farmer, have learnt through experience that the state's land reform and farmer support programmes don't take timeliness in agricultural production into account.

Major conservation win for famers

'KwaMandlangampisi' might be a bit of a mouthful, but it's a name to savour because it's the country's first Protected Environment, and it bars an important catchment area from mining. Heather Dugmore finds out how this giant step for conservation in South Africa carries a range of other benefits for farmers.

Rift Valley fever

This highly contagious disease originated in the Rift Valley of East Africa, and occurred for the first time in South Africa during the 1950's.

‘I couldn’t let my family starve while I had two hands and a brain’

After losing his job four years ago, textile worker Mike Moloto set out to provide for his family by starting a farming operation. Initially, things were tough, but he made a go of it, despite struggling to compete against larger enterprises. Peter Mashala visited him on his plot in Soshanguve.

Growing groundnuts

Groundnuts is a drought-toleraGroundnuts are rich in protein and can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted. The upright types are mostly cultivated under drier conditions, while the runner kinds are often irrigated.

Harvesters keep American farmers in business

For six months every year, the Eberts family and other contract harvesters are on the road, cutting crops for farmers across the American Midwest, from the Texas border in the south to the Canadian border in the north. The job takes dedication, as machinery is expensive and rain can hold up crew, who sometimes work for up to 18 hours straight.

How banana flour is helping Ugandan farmers

A presidential pilot project in Uganda is using value-adding to exploit a massive banana surplus, producing banana flour with biofuel as a byproduct. Robyn Joubert reports.

Newcastle disease (NCD)

is a serious poultry disease and can affect any kind of poultry operation, from backyard production to large commercial poultry farms.

Animal improvement ‘needs a rethink’

Kevin Watermeyer, president of the Nguni Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa, shares his views about the way forward for animal improvement and the future of the Nguni. Heather Dugmore reports.

Harrison Hope -The Eastern Cape’s first wine estate

American missionaries Ronnie and Janet Vehorn travelled to South Africa to preach to the Xhosa. Now they've fulfilled their dream of establishing the Eastern Cape's first wine estate along the Klipplaat River near the former Ciskei town of Whittlesea.

Understanding cash flow and expenditure

It's very upsetting knowing you have to pay an account when you don't know where the money is going to come from. That's why keeping track of your expenses is so important, writes Susan Pletts.


Technology and animal welfare improve piggery profits

Pig stud breeder and farmer CP Kriek is convinced that contented pigs are more productive. For this reason, he has brought his operation, Taaibosch Piggery, in line with European standards...
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