Claas at Agritechnica

The German firm was one of the stars of the expo, winning medals and launching its largest disc mower.

Claas at Agritechnica
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Claas won no fewer than five silver medals for innovation at Agritechnica. These were awarded for: the automatic press control system on the Quadrant baler; the Claas field route optimisation system; the multi-crop cracker on the Jaguar forage harvester; and two for new components on the Lexion 700 combine – 4D cleaning and an automatic crop flow system.

Developed for the new higher-powered models in the 700 range, 4D cleaning consists of slope-dependent rotor cover plate control with automatic blower control.

Active control of the rotor cover plates depends on the angle of the machine as well as the separating and cleaning output. The rotor cover plate segments facing the downward slope are automatically opened or closed as necessary.

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The automatic crop flow system detects critical load peaks at an early stage. It monitors the rotational speeds of the engine, the APS threshing mechanism and the Roto Plus residual grain separation during operation. Should a problem arise, the feeder housing and the grain tank discharge system are shut off immediately.

The MCC Max is a new conditioning system for maize silage on the Jaguar forage harvester. Corn cracker rollers condition maize silage with cut lengths from 7cm to 22mm. Each roller has a saw tooth profile and 30 annular segments.

The chopped crop is processed by friction as well as cutting and shearing forces. This allows even more intensive conditioning and shredding of the grain kernels, increasing the digestible starch quantity of the maize silage and improving its nutritional value.

Big disc mower
Agritechnica also saw the launch of the Claas Disco 1100 C/RC Business disc mower, the firm’s largest tractor-mounted mower combination to date. It has a maximum cutting width of 10,7m and is available with a steel tine conditioner or a roller conditioner.

The Max Cut cutterbar is an in-house development. A key feature is its specially shaped mower bed, press-formed from a single sheet of steel. The wave-like shape allows the cutting discs to be positioned further forward, improving cutting quality under all conditions.

Transport width is less than 3m, thanks to the hydraulically extendable mower units; transport height is less than 4m.
The mower combination was mounted on a new model in the Axion 800 series tractor range, the 870. This has up to 221kW at its disposal from the six-cylinder FPT 6,7-litre engine and is fitted with the CMATIC continuously variable transmission.

Headland management and auto-steering systems are available.