Maximise your yields with John Deere’s planter technology

John Deere has established itself as an industry leader, providing farmers with innovative tools to enhance their farming operations. From machine performance to field management and data analysis, John Deere offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable farmers to monitor, manage and maximize their yields, season after season. 

Maximise your yields with John Deere’s planter technology
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More efficiencies: From automation to repeatability, find the precision technology that you need to work faster and smarter.

Lower cost: Precise seed placement, better application accuracy and less input which means lower costs.

Higher yield: From your machines to your field’s precision tools fuel better performance and powers higher yields.

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Put more planning into your planting: Planting doesn’t just happen, it comes with careful planning, early preparation and lots of hard work, that’s why the below John Deere precision solutions will help make this easier:

JDLink: Turn on JDLink to be able to seamlessly send your data from your equipment to the operation centre and vice versa, saving you trips to the field.

Operations centre

  • See what’s happening in your operation right now and learn from your performance over time.
  • Collaborate with the right people and tools to make decisions that save time, optimise yield and maximise profits.
  • Direct your operations by turning your plans into action and adjusting as conditions change.

In-field data sharing 

  • See coverage and as-applied maps for machines working in the same field at the same time.
  • Ensure complete field coverage with multiple machines even in low light and/or dusty conditions.
  • Reduce over-application leading to more accurate documentation data and lower input costs.

Automation 4.0  

  • Uses data from planning or strip till and planting to automatically full field guidance lines for secondary passes.
  • Let AutoTrac Automation take over your turns, implement functions and speed.
  • AutoTrac Implement Guidance places your tool exactly where it needs to be, even on side hills and around curves.

StarFire 7000 with SF-RTK offers greater accuracy, faster pull in times and season to season repeatability; this means less hardware and faster recovery from shading.

John Deere section control:  Reduce overlap and minimise skips ensuring precise placement of crop protectants and nutrients.

SeedStar 4HP is designed to optimise the in-cab monitoring experience exclusively on the Gen 4 4600 CommandCentre display or 4640 Universal Display for growers with ExactEmerge planters and MaxEmerge 5e planters.

With John Deere Precision, you can achieve greater efficiency, cost savings and higher yields. Maximise your planting success with our comprehensive range of tools and technologies.

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