The Gysie Britz story
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

SAMDPR update

With the final of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race coming up soon, Thomas Smit previews this hotly contested competition.

Understanding pigeons CFVs

Understanding the theory of ‘comfortable flying velocity’ will help you do better in long-distance races, says Thomas Smit.

The pigeon fanciers’ mecca

The Kassel International Pigeon Market is one of the biggest of its kind in the world, says Thomas Smit.

Pigeons: Good genetics, good results

Champion fancier Joe Lemos’s retirement got off to a healthy start with an auction of his birds bringing in big money, says Thomas Smit.

SAPIR 2013 results

Hot weather and a headwind made for tough flying conditions at this year’s SA Professional Invitational Pigeon Race, says Thomas Smit.

Dinokeng results

The finals of the Dinokeng International One Loft Race were held from Gariep Dam at the end of August.

Mugabe – a renowned sire

Despite the harsh economic climate, the wallets came out when Johan and Mark King recently auctioned some of their racing pigeons, says Thomas Smit.

Caring for pigeon latecomers

Do your pigeons always return after the others? Thomas Smit suggests some reasons for this.

More tips for pigeon racing beginners

Thomas Smit discusses dealing with predators, breeding late youngsters and other aspects of pigeon racing.

Building a loft

The design of your loft is crucial if you want to enjoy any success in pigeon racing, says Thomas Smit.
Getting started with pigeons

Getting started with pigeons

Pigeon racing can be a pleasurable and financially rewarding pastime, but you need to consider several factors before taking the plunge, says Thomas Smit.
Don’t shoot our pigeons!

Don’t shoot our pigeons!

Not only is shooting racing pigeons against the law, it’s an act of spite that has nothing to do with ‘real hunting’, says Thomas Smit.


Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Yield and quality determine profits, nothing else!

Costs under your control such as yield and product quality are what determine farming success. Don’t waste time on costs you cannot influence or control.

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