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Weak leadership, inadequate planning hamper land reform

Weak leadership, inadequate planning hamper land reform

The structural weakness of land reform in South Africa, coupled with a lack of clear goals, have left the process on shaky ground, according Danie du Plessis, TAU SA regional representative. Annelie Coleman asked him what needed to be done to get the process back on track.
Can mining and agriculture co-exist?

Can mining and agriculture co-exist?

The spate of applications to explore large areas of South Africa for natural resources to mine is of increasing concern to the agricultural sector. Agri SA executive director, Omri van Zyl, and TAU SA general manager, Bennie van Zyl, share their farmers unions’ views on the subject with Lloyd Phillips.

Why choose mutton and lamb?

Mutton and lamb produced in South Africa are highly nutritious, and misconceptions that these meat classes are fatty and detrimental to consumers’ health must be allayed, says Marina Bester of Lamb and Mutton South Africa. She spoke to Annelie Coleman about the organisation’s campaign to promote mutton and lamb consumption.

Mooted sugar tax is bitter news for industry

The South African government has proposed a tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in the country. Trix Trikam, executive director of the South African Sugar Association (SASA), shared the industry’s views on the subject with Lloyd Phillips.

Investing in farming technology: how much is too much?

Advanced new farming technology is changing the way farmers produce food and manage their businesses. But how do producers know if they’re spending too much on technology and if the new equipment will ultimately yield the promised financial returns?
Pigs have specific housing requirements at each stage of the production process.

SAPPO helping small-scale pig farmers

Only a handful of black pig producers in South Africa have achieved commercial status. Most run small operations that make only a marginal contribution to total pork production.

Understanding the Labour Tenants Act and its purpose

Labour tenancy applications are an important aspect of land reform in South Africa, and it is essential that landowners understand their rights and commitments in this regard. Rob McCarthy of McCarthy & Associates Attorneys explains the act to Lloyd Phillips.

Mike Mlengana commits to working with farmers

Mike Mlengana, director-general of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), spoke to Wilma den Hartigh about his plans for the agricultural industry, why he is concerned about the declining number of farmers in South Africa, and why commercial food producers are crucial for the future of the sector.

Animal health crisis in the Northern Cape

Sexually transmitted animal diseases and a lack of vaccines are the foremost challenges facing Northern Cape livestock producers. Annelie Coleman asked Dr Koos Louw, chairperson of the provincial Red Meat Producers’ Organisation’s (RPO NC) Animal Health Forum, to explain.

The dangers of uranium mining

Uranium mining in the Karoo poses serious threats to the environment and farming community, according to Dr Stefan Cramer, advisor to the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute. Dangers include radioactive pollution and high water consumption, he told Annelie Coleman.

Opportunities in the Canned Fruit industry

While canning fruit producers were struggling to stay afloat a few years ago, prospects are again looking promising. Wiehahn Victor, CEO of the Canning Fruit Producers’ Association, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the opportunities facing the industry.

Grain SA: the road travelled

Derek Mathews is the longest-serving founding member of the Grain SA executive. He spoke to Annelie Coleman about the transition from a controlled grain production system to a free market system.

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