A cozy retirement

Dear Jonno,
I am looking to put up a small house on my brother-in-law’s farm outside Lusaka.

The house will be built on a small hill, facing north with a view through trees and paddocks. I am looking for something small, a single storey with an adequate verandah facing north mostly, and possibly a deck to take advantage of the slope.As my wife and I are nearly 60 and the kids are away, two bedrooms are fine, with a medium lounge, dining area, one shower and toilet only, a small kitchen and possibly an open-plan fireplace. We want something cozy but as it’s warm most of the year, emphasis could be on the outdoors.No garage needed. We would probably use cement blocks for the structure, and a tile roof. Not looking for anything fancy. Please give your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Charles