Lake house splendour

I received a request from regular Farmer’s Weekly reader Wayne to design a home which will be situated on a private development estate, located in the Karkloof area of KZN.

“This will be a home for my family with four teenagers,” he said. “We are all keen water sport enthusiasts, as well as nature lovers.” The development is situated on a 7km long x 400m wide created shallow lake. The birdlife is prolific and rowing boat outings are the main adventure sport. In the layout, all the main living area rooms face the water expanse.

It is a particularly lengthy house design and the roof would have been a bit long and uninteresting, so I’ve allowed for dormer trusses and windows in the rood area, to add not only feature but future space for collectables and available activities. Not shown here is also the added workshop over the boathouse and a wine cellar under the half of the garage above, and accessed via the living room. I sent these sketches to the development approval committee; and according to required styling (farm-style), it has had a 100% approval.