One happy family

I had a call from Ben in the Dundee Area of the Natal Midlands. “We need to make space on our farm for the next generation” He said.

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“Our idea is to move out of the present house, which has plenty of room for a growing family; and we need an additional home that would accommodate my wife and myself comfortably, but also more serve as a home for further family members.”

After much discussion and looking at various other options, such as converting old equipment sheds, we decided to build from scratch. This is always a better option, I agreed, as the real costs of a home are in the finishes, fixtures and fittings. Ben would also have to construct another storage/equipment shed.

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By building a new abode, one can select a prime position that allows for privacy, views, orientation and functionality. This sketch layout may be a little large for a semi-retiring couple, but so much furniture needed to be relocated. Then of course, there’s the future use.