Minestrone: magnificent Italian soup

Minestrone: magnificent Italian soup

Italian cuisine is loaded with astonishing soups. There is, for example, zuppa pavese, a chickenbased bowl of greatness topped by sourdough bread and a poached egg. At the greatest height,...
Platter of roast vegetables

Platter of roast vegetables

Vegetables are a healthy addition to a braai or any other meat-based meal. However, the way you cook your veggies can make the difference between a great dish and a...
Couscous salad with a North African twist

Couscous salad with a North African twist

Couscous may have originated on this continent, but the addition of avocado gives this dish a distinctly Mexican look and taste.
Chickpea Vegan Burger

Israeli-inspired chickpea burgers

Veganism is a growing global trend, and many of us will serve dinner or lunch to a vegan guest at some stage. Here is a recipe for mouth-watering, Israeli-inspired chickpea...
Oven-baked hake with courgettes on the side

Oven-baked hake with courgettes on the side

It’s probably safe to say that hake is South Africa’s favourite supermarket fish. A magnificent vehicle for quick cooking, it can be prepared in many ways. Here is one.
Pasta putanesca

Pasta Putanesca

There are few pasta dishes as powerfully flavoured as this marine-dominated classic. Try this freshly developed variation at your next dinner party for a really memorable meal.
Braai Steak

Taking steak to the next level

Steak can be cooked and served in a variety of ways, but this Asian-inspired marinade can turn even the tastiest steak into something far more special and appetising.
Ginger and honey cake

Bake a ginger and honey cake

Amaze your mates. Delight your womenfolk. Surprise yourself. Go bake a ginger and honey cake, bru!
Mexican-influenced salsa for roast chicken

Mexican-influenced salsa for roast chicken

We all know how to roast a chicken, just like we all know how to make toast. But here’s the next giant step: creating a Mexican-influenced salsa to spice up...
Make a perfect shepherd's pie

Make the best shepherd’s pie

It’s impossible to think of a more suitable recipe for Farmer’s Weekly. Give this one of a million versions your full attention and win the praise of your lucky fellow...
Pasta and meatballs

A pasta and meatballs classic

Unless you have the entire Mafia Womens’ League on your unpaid payroll, this Italian-American pasta and meatballs classic is a great moment to display your skills as a solo cook.
How to cook rabbit meat

How to cook rabbit meat

Cooking a rabbit is a minor challenge, second only to getting a rabbit in the first place. Like most survivalist foods inherited from the peasantry of Europe, these floppy, cartoonish...


Drought conditions likely to persist despite recent rain

Hopes have been dashed that the recent widespread rain across South Africa’s summer rainfall region would put an end to widespread water-constrained and drought conditions.

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