Global Farming

With good planning and careful management, farmers will be able to survive the difficult times created by the current drought.
South Africa’s tensions around access to AGOA graphically illustrate the power of major trading countries such as the US.
Economic conditions and prospects have deteriorated since July 2015.
The focus on the environmental aspects of sustainable farming means that less attention has been given to the other benefits.
In order to feed nine billion people by 2050, we will require the application of modern production technology by large-scale commercial farmers.
Farmers are often so busy running their enterprises that they forget to look after their own well-being.
The Economic Freedom of the World Index clearly shows the effect of a freer economy, where property rights are properly protected.
Retailers use the concept of ‘sustainability’ to differentiate their products. In doing so, they add to the cost of food to the consumer.
The BFAP has presented a less optimistic outlook for South African agriculture this year.
The SA poultry industry’s compromise with the US will put local producers’ margins under pressure.
Greece’s ongoing financial crisis highlights the danger countries face if government expenditure continues to increase at a faster rate than income.
The South African economy is slowing down, while in Europe a Greek tragedy is unfolding. Farmers will not escape the effect of current economic trends.
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