E-Kubota: Power and versatility at a price you can afford

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Kubota has partnered with Escorts Ltd to produce the E-Kubota tractor range, which caters to all farmers, regardless of scale. These tractors are sure to find a ready market in South Africa.

E-Kubota: Power and versatility at a price you can afford
The E-Kubota EK 6075 4WD in action. This model offers a four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine that delivers 74,5hp.
Photo: Kubota SA
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Kubota recently announced the introduction of its new E-Kubota value range of agricultural tractors in South Africa. The range will be sold exclusively through Kubota’s dealer network countrywide.

Escorts Ltd, a major Indian leading engineering conglomerate, and Kubota, a leading Japanese tractor manufacturer, announced in December that it was launching the new E-Kubota value range as a global joint venture.

Developed and manufactured by Escorts Ltd and sold through Kubota’s sales network, the new range offers high-end technology tractors at reasonable cost.

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There are 10 models available (five general purpose and five Pro series), from a 45hp, four-cylinder 2WD tractor for general-purpose farm work, to a heavy-duty 90hp, four-cylinder 4WD shuttle tractor to tackle the toughest tasks.

The E-Kubota range is designed for all general farm applications, including haulage, ground
engaging and spray work.

General purpose

The general purpose E-Kubota range includes five models, all of which have a 60ℓ fuel tank
and a lift capacity of 1 500kg.

Apart from the EK 6045 2WD, which has a three-cylinder engine and a dual clutch, all the
tractors have a four-cylinder engine and a double-clutch.

All five tractors feature eight forward and two reverse speeds, constant mesh transmission
and hydrostatic steering.

The EK 6045 2WD delivers up to 44,5hp, while the EK 6060 2WD and EK 6060
4WD produce up to 60hp. The EK 6075 2WD and EK 6075 4WD delivers up to 74,5hp.

Pro series

The Pro series all offer four-cylinder engines and power steering, and use the double-clutch synchromesh transmission system, with 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. They have a lift capacity of between 2 500kg and 3 000kg at the lower link end. The power steering reduces operator fatigue during long working hours.

The EK 6075 Pro 2WD and EK 6075 Pro 4WD produce 74,5hp and have a fuel tank capacity of 60ℓ, while the EK 6090 Pro 2WD and EK 6090 Pro 4WD delivers 88hp and have a fuel capacity of 75ℓ. The EK 6090 X-Pro 4WD delivers 88hp, has a fuel tank capacity of 100ℓ, and comes with smart lift technology for quick lifting and lowering.

Extra benefits

The four-cylinder turbocharged, intercooler direct injection engine, standard across most of
the range, offers greater output and better fuel economy. All models are fitted with
multi-disc, oil-immersed brakes, which makes braking with heavy loads more efficient, thus
improving brake lifespan.

All E-Kubota tractors come with front and rear work lights for illumination during night
work. Knowing its South African customers well, Kubota has also fitted popular features such as front nose weights, rear-wheel weights and a steel canopy as standard.

The E-Kubota range is backed by a comprehensive dealer network. Kubota’s experienced
team is on hand to advise any customer looking for a proven, value-for-money tractor.

The range is backed by a two-year/1 500 hour warranty. A full range of after-sales and
spare parts is available.

Visit kubota.co.za for an instant quote, email [email protected], or phone Kubota’s head office on 011 284 2000.