Power and performance from Landini

Landini’s Landforce, Landpower and 7-Series tractors feature new styling and advanced features, and offer a wide choice for prospective customers in the larger utility tractor segment.

Power and performance from Landini
Landini Landforce 125RPS
Photo: Argo
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All three model ranges have engine and transmission combinations that guarantee to get the power to the ground.


The Landforce range offers three models: the 115 (82kW), 125 (88kW) and 125RPS, with Betapower four-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines.

The 115 and 125 have 16 forward and 16 reverse transmissions with creeper gears and mechanical shuttle. They feature three remote control valves, an open-circuit hydraulic system with a flow rate of 66ℓ/min, and a lift capacity of 4 500kg.

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The Landforce 125RPS (reverse power shuttle), seen above, has a transmission with creeper and 48 forward and 16 reverse gears, plus an electro-hydraulic shuttle.

It is equipped with a closed circuit hydraulic system with three remote valves and a pressure flow compensating hydraulic pump with a flow rate of 90ℓ/ min. The electronic lift system has a capacity of 4 500kg.

All three Landforce models have two-speed (540 rpm and 1 000 rpm) PTOs.


The new Landini Landpower range has been extensively restyled. The new Master Class four-post cab provides excellent all-round visibility and ergonomically arranged controls for comfortable driving.

The Techno models are the 125 (86kW), 135 (98kW), 145 (104kW) and 165 (116kW). The three Toptronic models are the 135 (98kW), 145 (104kW) and 165 (116kW).

All are fitted with Betapower six-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled engines.

The Techno range has a basic six-speed synchronised transmission with three speed ranges per gear and a creeper gear. It has 36 forward and 36 reverse gears.

Toptronic models are equipped with 108 forward and 36 reverse gears and an electro-hydraulic shuttle. The rear lift is electro-hydraulically controlled.

All Landpower models feature three remote hydraulic valves.


Four models are available: the 7-160 (116kW), 7-176 (121kW), 7-190 (130kW) and 7-215 (138kW). All have Betapower 24-valve, 6,7- litre, common-rail, turbocharged engines with air-to-air intercooler. The Pro Drive six-speed transmission with creeper and four power ranges provides 40 forward and 40 reverse gears.

An auto-shift function ensures the correct power loading, engine speed and ground speed for field work. The electro-control closed circuit hydraulic system has a 90ℓ/min flow rate and five remote valves.

In all three larger models, the control panel is built into the seat armrest.

The electro-hydraulic controlled PTO offers two speeds: 540 rp m and 1 000 rpm.

Joe Spencer is the mechanisation editor of Farmer’s Weekly.