Why choose a Husqvarna brushcutter

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Husqvarna’s high-end range brushcutters are equipped with the unique X-TORQ® engine, which will help you reduce the exhaust emissions by up to 75% and will increase your fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Why choose a Husqvarna brushcutter
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Most Husqvarna brushcutters come with an auto return stop switch. When your machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way your machine will always be ready when you are.

Ergonomics for your comfort

With a brushcutter from Husqvarna your operations will feel balanced and comfortable. The handlebar is adjustable and ergonomically designed for efficient use. It also has an extra-long shaft, providing you with maximum reach.

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Buying Advice

Do you need to clear a large area, high grass, undergrowth, or cut bushes and small trees? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a brushcutter.

Brushcutters are a great asset for land and forest owners, they are used for everything from lawn care to clearing high grass, saplings and brushwood. We can help you choose the right one to meet your needs.

Are you intending it for professional use?

For professional use, it is important to choose a professional brushcutter with a long service life, suitable for your intended work. The Husqvarna 500-models are our professional, no-compromise cutters and they are built for comfortable use during long working hours.

Which size should I pick?

For professional users, it is more important to choose the right size brushcutter, rather than simply selecting the strongest model. A strong engine will help you cut through tough vegetation, but a stronger machine is also heavier.

This can be tiresome if you are working for extended periods of time, essentially making you less effective. As a professional, you may therefore want to have several brushcutters to choose from, depending on the task at hand. The average consumer should, however, make sure that the machine is strong enough to easily handle the intended job.

Perfect for the landowner

If you are working on a small or medium estate, or a rural garden with bushes, hedges and small trees, a medium-range brushcutter is perfect for the job. You can switch heads depending on whether you are cutting grass or tougher vegetation and these brushcutters are comfortable, versatile and easy to use.

How easy is it to use?

When choosing a brushcutter you should also consider how easy it is to change cutting blades and trimmer heads.  Make sure that it is easy to change the line when you are using a trimmer head and that the feed mechanism is practical. Husqvarna brushcutters have a Tap-&-Go feed system, which means the trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground.

Things to consider when choosing a brushcutter

  1. It is important that the brushcutter is easy to start, especially if you are inexperienced.
  2. High power, high torque and rapid acceleration are important when cutting through vegetation, but don’t select a machine that is unnecessarily heavy if you are working long hours.
  3. Make sure the harness spreads the load, for comfortable use and maximum efficiency.
  4. Check that the handlebars can be angled relative to the shaft, to prevent an uneven load from being placed on your back.
  5. Check that the handlebars can be folded for transportation and storage
  6. Our engines have emission controls, for the benefit of your working environment as well as the environment as a whole.

For more information, visit  husqvarna.com/za or locate your nearest dealer.