A heavy-duty mobile ramp

Take this ramp to the loading site, wherever it is.

A heavy-duty mobile ramp
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In contrast to a concrete ramp, the Cochrane mobile ramp is not a fixed structure that takes up valuable working space. Fully mobile, it is easily moved into position by the forklift. For a large-scale grain farmer working several farms some distance apart, or for a large-scale grain farming contractor who has to move large machines on a low-bed truck, the mobile ramp can be an invaluable asset.


  • Heavy-duty all-steel construction;
  • Ten-ton capacity; 
  • Ramp gradient of 9°, total length of ramp 11m; 
  • Two-ton forklift moves ramp into position; 
  • Heavy-duty legs support the ramp and its load; 
  • Adjustable height version from 1 100mm to 1 600mm; 
  • Fixed height version is set at 1 500mm; 
  • Hinged loading ramps (dock leveller) accommodate a 150mm truck-trailer height difference up or down; 
  • Optional centre legs are fixed or height adjustable by 500mm; 
  • Corrosion-resistant open grate flooring with wet weather anti-skid tracks on the inclined section; 
  • Safety features include forklift chains, container chain safety lock, and non-skid tracks; 
  • On most competitive products, the truck or trailer supports the weight of the edge of the ramp; 
  • Packs away into a 60m shipping container; 
  • Ramp can be supplied in CKD form, demounted and two-packed into a 6m shipping container.

It is priced at about R128 000, depending on the model and options. This price excludes VAT and delivery costs.

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