Quick and accurate pH measurement in your pocket

Here is a reliable, pocket-sized pH meter for all your watery solutions.

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The great South African animal scientist, Professor Jan Bonsma, often urged cattle farmers to keep accurate records, saying,

“To measure is to know.”

This simple principle applies universally, but is especially important to farmers.

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In many on-farm operations, ranging from ensiling to hydroponics and diluting agrochemicals such as herbicides before use, measuring pH is crucial to success.

The Velleman DVM 8681 electronic pH meter is about the size, shape and weight of a glasses case.

That being said, even the ordinary swimming pool owner has a need to ascertain pH levels regularly. When measuring the pH of water or an aqueous solution, paper test strips are not reliable or accurate enough. They are affected by factors such as storage environment and are subject to an expiry date. Interpreting the results sometimes comes down to guesswork.

This is where the Velleman DVM 8681 electronic pH meter comes into its own. Light and handy, the DVM 8681 easily slips into the top pocket of a shirt or jacket. It is incorporated in rugged waterproof (IP67) housing, is 150mm in length and weighs only 65g, including its four LR44 batteries.

Simply dip it into the water or watery solution and it instantly measures the pH value within a range of 0 and 14, with a resolution of pH 0,1 and an accuracy of pH 0,2.

The DVM 8681 also has a built-in thermometer with a resolution of 0,5°C and an accuracy of 1°C.

In addition, it features automatic self-calibration up to three points, data hold, an auto power-off function and a low battery indicator.

The product is priced at about R1 000 including VAT and is available at Velleman stockists.

For a list of SA stockists, email Justyna Szewczyk at [email protected]. Visit www.velleman.eu.