Another top Santa Gertrudis

For Pip and Howard Hobson the success of a herd doesn't lie with the bull, but with the genetics of the cow. This point of view won them the Farmer's...

Giving back – the motto of a BEE success

Kosie van Zyl hails from a long line of farm managers but 15 years ago he was given the opportunity to farm his own land.

Johan’s Drakensbergers win again

Johan Rautenbach has won the Farmer's Weekly-ARC Best Elite Drankensberger cow award for the third time, and lets Wayne Southwood in on his secret.

More tick tricks

Pesticide resistance in ticks is becoming a major problem. Eastern Cape farmer Denys Wells told Roelof Bezuidenhout how Pierre van Niekerk's scientific tick management strategy saved him from ruin.Issue date:

‘Farming with Tulis is a pleasure’

Cornelis Rautenbach of the Nonnie Tuli Stud is the owner of the 2010 Farmer’s Weekly-ARC Best Elite Tuli Cow, CR 98 0048. This is the fourth year his cows have...

A lesson in breeding a winning beef carcass

Winners of the Royal Show's carcass competition hold the prestigious title of producer of the best beef carcass in KwaZulu-Natal for a year. Lloyd Phillips visited Weston Agricultural College to...

Universal veld management system

The Fodderbank Grazing Management System allows an entire farm to be grazed annually, but only one third is grazed during the active growing season. Jorrie Jordaan of the Towoomba Research...

Increase profits with scientific pasture management

Frans van den Berg is the 2010 recipient of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa’s (GSSA) Peter Edwards Award for Best Conservation Farmer in South Africa. A Controlled Fodder Flow...

Save the land keep more animals!

Forget everything you know about stocking rates, says Holistic Management pioneer Allan Savory. The way forward is running more animals on your land. The recent winner of the Buckminster Fuller...

Surviving a two-year drought

The southern Western Cape is experiencing the worst drought in more than a century and running a profitable dairy has become next to impossible. But with clever management and stringent...

Ngunis – a boon to these timber farmers

Nguni cattle can complement a timber business nicely – and are likely to captivate their owners with their beauty and no-nonsense traits. Brett Peatie and Brian Magor of Midlands Imperial...

Afrikaners on veld – this female farmer’s success

Whether producing feedlot or veld beef, the Afrikaner is an excellent choice. A hardy, easy-calving breed with high disease-resistance, it excels under a wide range of conditions. Commercial cattle farmer...



The care unit that treats neglected horses and donkeys

The Highveld Horse Care Unit cares for neglected equines. Farryn Day of the unit says that a lack of education is the main reason for the mistreatment of these animals.

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