Nico’s exemplary Sussex cow

The mother of the 2007 Vleissentraal-ARC Special Performance Test Class bull, NJB 01 0148 now has an Elite Cow title of her own. Chris Nel reports.
FW ARC Best Elite Cow

The best Beefmaster cow in SA

The WO Beefmaster Stud in Vrede took the award for the Farmer’s Weekly-ARC Best Elite Cow, writes Chris Nel.
Brahman cattle raised without intervention

Brahman cattle raised without intervention

Although beef farming abounds with technical information on how to maximise production and financial returns, successful beef farmer Neil Haines believes the benefit of using nature as an ally is...

The biosynthesis of milk

If we want our dairy cows to produce more and better milk, we need to understand how they synthesise milk in the first place.

No place for pampered stud animals in beef cattle production

Don't pussyfoot around with stud cattle - to be effective in the commercial market, they must be managed as commercial animals, with the ultimate test being performance. So says stud...

Border Collies: Worth their weight in gold

For 50 years sheepdogs have proven themselves indispensable workers on many livestock farms. But for KwaZulu-Natal farming sisters Ragni Pretorius and Ingrid Fricke, Border Collies are absolutely critical in managing...

Absorption of undegradable proteins

Food proteins that can't be broken down by microbes are passed down to the duodenum and digested enzymatically. Malcolm Stewart-Burger examines these undegradable proteins and how they are absorbed.

Getting through to horses for a living

By the time Riekert Erasmus could walk, he was picking up tips on how to break in horses from his father. At 16, he was taming and training wild horses...

Sussex a top feedlot contender

Sussex cattle perform so well in a feedlot that the Huntersvlei and Skietlaagte Feedlots in the Free State pay a premium for Sussex or Sussex-cross weaners.The feedlots belong to the...

Fears of KZN’s corridor disease spreading

Corridor disease isn't new to KZN, and respected KZN wildlife vet Dr Dave Cooper says the increasing appeal of stocking African buffalo on private game farms could be one of...

How to feed during drought

Feeding sheep flocks during a bad drought can be like throwing money down a bottomless pit, because no one knows when it will rain again. Jan Hoon of the Grootfontein...

Good? Bad? Better? The truth about the McCosker Brew

Few people can claim to HAVE developed a recipe that's helped optimise rumen activity on low-protein, unpalatable, lignified sour veld. But Australia's Terry McCosker is one such person.


Livestock farmers urged to prepare for upcoming cold snaps

Livestock farmers urged to prepare for upcoming cold snaps

With South Africa now officially in the grip of winter, the country’s livestock farmers need to keep a constant close eye on short-term weather forecasts.

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