A camping site in Botswana

A camping site in Botswana
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Dear Jonno
I stumbled across your fascinating plans in a Farmer’s Weekly magazine, and would like you to help me with a design. I acquired a piece of land in 2011 along a river bank in central Botswana, and would like to develop a camping site. The site must have 12 chalets with a thatched gazebo, a 10m x 10m fireplace, a bird sanctuary, and four combined male and female toilets/showers – all from timber. The gazebo, chalets and bathrooms should be 1m above the ground.

Kind regards,

Floor layout plan:Gazebo – 100m2; Toilet/kitchen block – 55m2

Greetings Robert
Thanks for the request for your envisaged tourist development. Do appreciate that a development of this nature requires an in-depth investigation of aspects such as the class of visitors expected, whether it is catering or non-catering, and whether or not the chalets are en-suite. Reading between the lines, I’ve conceptualised a facility that would serve both campers and chalet visitors. In addition to the gazebo, I’ve provided toilet/shower facilities as well as a bar and small kitchen that can serve hot drinks and take-aways.

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I imagine, too, that the 12 chalets will be spread along the river frontage. Considering their distance from the gazebo, the chalets should each have their own washing/toilet facilities. I’ll need these details before I design the chalets.The gazebo and toilet/kitchen block are all constructed of wood. However, I have not raised the gazebo a metre above ground, as it is a large building and would cost more to build than if it were on ground level. But this depends on the slope of the land. The chalets, however, can be stilted. I would need all these details before proceeding with working drawings.

I look forward to your thoughts. Give me a call.

Regards, Jonno