A modern wedding venue

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Dear Jonno
I need your help as we intend building a wedding hall that can cater for just over 200 people on a 6 400m2 piece of land.We would like the facility to be double- storey with a modern, attractive design. The ground floor should have large glass doors and windows along its length, with a deck that can host six tables on one side.

It should also have a small kitchen with a bar area facing the deck. The windows should be at the upper section of the hall, and the roof should be thatched. Please could you sketch a concept so that we can visualise how the facility would look once complete?


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Good day Mangaliso
Further to your brief description for a wedding facility and the chat on the phone, I have improvised on your original request. You mentioned your financial limitations. So, taking construction cost into consideration, I’ve kept the facility to one level, except for the security/on-site supervisors’ attic rooms over the stage toilets.

The wedding guests can be accommodated on the ground floor space as shown. The layout can be adjusted, though, to cater to smaller groups and/or dining facilities on the side-wings of the central hall.

The construction shown is of lightweight, on-site building materials, as you mentioned you want to use them. These can, however, be changed to other materials if you would prefer.

More modern design features can be incorporated, but I think that, being in a rural area, this design suits its surroundings. It is also a multi-purpose facility.

I look forward to your further response.

Kind regards