Back to our roots

Jonno shows an example of a traditional farm homestead.

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Shown here is a rural KZN traditional farm homestead. Notably, in the early days of building homes, there were no eave overhangs on the roofs.

The other trend in years gone by was to paint all the wooden windows and doors with enamel paint, which would effectively reflect any solar radiation that would damage the wood.

Nowadays, with varnished woods and general upkeep of a home, the request from most of my Farmer’s Weekly readers is to ensure that there is sufficient roof overhang to limit the damage from wind, sun and rain to those surfaces.

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Besides this, the house layout shown here is on the proverbial ‘postage stamp’ – small sites that limit orientation, flow of the house and privacy from neighbours (unlike you lucky farmers out there on your huge lands).

Taking these limitations into consideration, the owner opted for a ‘U’ shaped home. This would at least provide a private courtyard where some essential outside living could be done; and north-facing nogal.



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