Building a low-cost home

I’ve had a few calls from Farmer’s Weekly readers recently, asking for an easy-to-build, low-cost home design.

All callers were on a restricted budget; they wanted to build with their available funds, and extend the house as more money became available. The solution is a ‘starter home’ in the sense of the building process. Instead of taking out a huge loan and building the entire house with all its fittings and finishes at once, take out a loan for, say, half that amount. Use this to build the basic structure – walls, roof, sitting room, main bedroom, one bathroom and kitchen, for example.

Then save as much money as possible and extend the home bit by bit as you can afford to. You’ll sacrifice a bit of immediate comfort but end up saving a small fortune in interest. Shown here is one of these home. Also shown are the phases in which the extensions could be built. Have fun fiddling around with it!