Glamorising low-cost housing

I recently received a call from a regular Farmer’s Weekly reader and acquaintance who likes the way I improvise on cutting building costs.

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William is a builder in the western Free State and is building low-cost housing for a community in the area. Construction is limited to the basic shell of the house, which totals around 30m2.I know I’ve produced some tight accommodation units for readers over the past 10 years, but this has to be the tightest – like pushing the proverbial marshmallow into a money box.

With these limitations, I also had to cater for a slightly different setup where the washing and toilet facilities are under the same roof.It’s a small family abode, so a sleeper nook for children with a bunk bed to the one side can be squeezed in.The kitchen has all the necessary furnishings for storage and space to cook meals. The sitting room seats four or five comfortably to watch TV.

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While this unit is like the many other low-cost housing estate units we see, there’s no need for it to look like one.No pride of ownership, no maintenance, no improvements and no gardens. It only takes a little time and effort each day to make this little house a home.

Shown here in the before and after perspectives is a real plaster-job.All the decorative features are pigmented profiled plaster over the brick or block walls.Further additions to this unit can be done easily as space permits. William, give me a call and I’ll tell you more.

Regards to you and your lady,