Keeping it traditional

Hi Jonno, I saw your outstanding design in the Farmer’s Weekly dated 7 September 2012. It made me think of my plan to build a cultural village on my farm in Gauteng.

Keeping it  traditional

I want to build four traditional Basotho huts, all with thatched roofs and dung and mud for the walls. Each hut can maybe have two rooms. The village should have a round shape. A further three huts should be open-plan. I would like the huts to have a radius of 4,5m or 5,5m. I hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,

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Hi Shadrack
After clarifying the usage areas, I’ve formulated the positioning of the units in a semi-circle. Further to your letter, you’ve agreed that the complex should include a reception/muti sales rondavel, a private sleeping rondavel and a storeroom. I’ve positioned the units relative to their functionality; you might prefer something else – please feel free to adapt.

The decorative finishes shown are a self-inspired rendition, but I’ll leave that to the traditionalists. If you can ‘Google Earth’ your development site and relay it to me, it will help in placement, relative to your existing house and topography.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Jonno