A traditional three-bedroom double-storey home in KZN

A traditional three-bedroom double-storey home in KZN
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Dear Jonno,
I buy the Farmer’s Weekly regularly and have noted your designs for double-storey homes with interest.

I’m planning to build a home in northern KwaZulu-Natal and would like a double-storey house with three bedrooms upstairs, and an open-plan design on the ground floor. There should be a guest toilet downstairs.

I would like a traditional design. There is plenty of thatch available in the rural area where we live.

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Thank you, Richard


Dear Richard,
Here is a sketch of a home with traditional features. The layout with rounded corners is conducive to thatching.

The rooms are of average size, but can be made smaller if required. With a thatched roof structure, the house should not be too wide.

Added to the styling are a number of traditional decorative wall features such as the patterns next to the windows and the Nguni cattle horns across the entrance porch.

Please send me your telephone number so that we can discuss this design further.

Kind regards