Turning a home into a stylish castle

Jonno transforms a home into a beautiful castle.

Turning a home into a stylish castle
Photo: Jonno Smith

Dear Jonno
I’m looking for a very smart home and came across a nice house plan in Farmer’s Weekly. My eight-year-old son is interested in your plans so can we please communicate and see what you come up with? I have attached the plan I saw in your magazine but need an extra room for a gym, which should be attached to the garage. I would also like red brick walls and a slate roof in a castle format.

Regards, Charles


Hi Charles
From your brief description and wanting the home to have the looks of a castle, ? “Please Daddy, build me a castle,” ? this could be a dozen or more stylish renditions. I’ve given you one here that embodies some of the castle characteristics, and that hopefully one of your local builders would be able to put together. For the added gym, I’ve converted that rear deck to a gym and a porch. The rockwork, genuine or mock-stone, just adds a bit of castle-type character.