Developmental & finance matters on the African continent

The fourth episode of Tech Terrain takes an in-depth look at changing conditions for farmers across the African continent. Here are a few highlights.

In this episode of Tech Terrain, presenter Tony Ndoro speaks to Tobias Doyer of Sanlam Pan Africa General Insurance and Langa Simela, ABSA’s Agribusiness Development Manager to discuss how farmers can adjust and adapt to the ever-changing conditions.

The episode specifically focuses on the support that is available to new farmers, the financial challenges, bursaries to attract young individuals to the industry and how the sector can be promoted and grow in this financial climate.

And what can you expect from John Deere this week?

The implementation of technology can make a huge difference to farmers and Jean Elloh, Sales Manager of Western Africa: John Deere Sub Sahara Africa (JD SSA) and Lafras Cronje, Customer and Product Support Manager: JD SSA, elaborate on their C-series combine harvester solutions.

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