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The good farmers do

South African farmers are often reliant on the communities in which they operate as a source of labour, and their fate is intertwined with these communities.

Episode 13: High-value export commodities

Fruit production in South Africa consists of a wide variety of fruit, from oranges and avocados, to table grapes and dragon fruit.

Episode 12 – Conservation Agriculture

In this week’s episode of Tech Terrain, Tony and Ndoro and guests discuss conservation agricultural practices around soil and climate change that can increase sustainability.

Episode 11: The increasing importance of biosecurity

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic biosecurity was increasing in importance for producers and consumers alike. The pandemic has contributed to raising awareness of biosecurity.

Technology and the value of quality animal feed

The tenth episode of Tech Terrain explores the trends and developments in making good quality animal feed and how technology plays a part.

Precision agriculture: The future of technology

The ninth episode of Tech Terrain looks into the future of agricultural technology and the efficiency of these latest developments.

The importance of research in agriculture

The eighth episode of Tech Terrain deliberates over the role research plays in agriculture and how it can increase productivity to meet the food demand of the world.

Farming input landscape and imported inputs

The seventh episode of Tech Terrain looks into and discusses the challenges of South Africa being dependent on imports and how it affects the farming industry.

Farming optimally and getting the most out of your land

The sixth episode of Tech Terrain dives into how you can farm optimally using the resources at your disposal.

Establishing a sustainable agribusiness from the onset

The fifth episode of Tech Terrain looks at important building blocks to give farmers a head start in business and ensure sustainability.

Developmental & finance matters on the African continent

The fourth episode of Tech Terrain takes an in-depth look at changing conditions for farmers across the African continent. Here are a few highlights.

Tech Terrain: The adoption of technology across Africa

The third episode of Tech Terrain explores the adoption of technology by farmers of all sizes across the continent and the impact of it.


Preparing a constitution for the family business

A distressing number of family businesses collapse amid heartache and recriminations. Yet failure is not inevitable! With careful preparation, family members can lay a solid foundation for success.
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