Tech Terrain: The adoption of technology across Africa

The third episode of Tech Terrain explores the adoption of technology by farmers of all sizes across the continent and the impact of it.

While technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the adoption of it differs greatly between different industries and countries in Africa. This is the topic Tech Terrain tackles this week with leading experts.

Amidst climate change, certain challenges must be addressed. Tech Terrain looks at the need to produce food and fibre in a more “climate-smart” way.

Agriculture in Africa has a great potential asset to help drive the sector forward: its youth. Tech Terrain looks at how young people can make all the difference.

And what’s in store from John Deere this week? An interesting discussion on the “smartest tractor” in the John Deere stable, the new and mighty 8R.

Tony Ndoro’s guests include Dr Sifiso Ntombela, chief economist of the National Agricultural Marketing Council and well-known strategist, Juanita Vorster.

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