Horsch Pronto DC: farming without a plough

The new 12m Horsch Pronto DC is the largest cultivating disc drill in the UK.

Horsch Pronto DC: farming without a plough
The Pronto 12 DC ensures straight rows and accurate spacing.
Photo: Courtesy of Horsh
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The German Federal Statistical Office claims that 40% of arable land in Germany is cultivated without ploughing.

For wheat, the figure could be as high as 60%. Michael Horsch has been at the forefront of non-inversion tillage since he founded his company in 1984 and has played an important role in the switch to ‘farming without a plough’.

Today, he continues to stand by his original statement: “I will never build a plough!” At the same time, he is committed to developing machines that increase productivity on farms.

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The Horsch Pronto DC combines seedbed preparation, consolidation, seed sowing and pressing. Its unique packer system maintains exact seed placement at high speeds, while its high clearance enables good levelling.

At the same time, the Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer reduces clogging. Central adjustment of the seedbed preparation unit and packer unit results in uniform planting over the entire land due to the pre-defined depth difference between the packer system and coulter.

Fertiliser is placed at a predetermined depth below the seed. The Pronto DC is available in working widths of 3m, 9m and, now, 12m. It can be imported through Terratill Implements, Horsch’s distributor for southern Africa.

The Pronto 12 DC
The development of the Pronto 12 DC was driven by requests from customers. The new model joins its sister product, the 12m Sprinter cultivating tine seed drill, for the UK market.

Designed for high-speed precise sowing after ploughing, mulch sowing or direct seeding, it features highly accurate depth control, thanks to the pre-configured packer system and Turbo Disc seed coulter.

Despite its size, an innovative folding mechanism ensures a transport width of just 3m.