Harvesting power: John Deere C120

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The C120 combine is versatile enough to meet the most diverse harvesting requirements, and powerful enough to ensure consistent high-speed operation under the toughest conditions.

Harvesting power: John Deere C120
The bottom of the 215/8 rigid and flexible headers is made of stainless steel.
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The John Deere C120 combine harvester range has been designed with maximum productivity and flexibility in mind.

It features cylinder tine separator technology with a threshing rotor to maximise threshing and separation,  as well as grain quality. It is also equipped with headers and attachments for harvesting maize, soya bean, wheat, canola and even seeds.

Cutting platforms
The John Deere 200-series headers meet the requirements of farmers regardless of crop or harvesting conditions.

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The bottom of the 215/8 rigid and flexible headers, for example, is made of stainless steel plates, which are highly resistant to abrasive crops and ensure smooth crop flow from the header into the combine even under wet conditions.

Versatility is built into the system. The flexible header is ideal for harvesting soya bean, but when the cutter bar is locked into the rigid position, the flexible header can harvest small grains.

The reel on the cutting platform is made of steel and designed to integrate with the centre-mounted hydraulic cylinder to lift and gently bring the crop to the cutter bar even if the crop is lodged and tangled.

The 204C and 206C maize head with 762mm row spacing (suitable for 712mm to 812mm), is fitted with five-blade snapping rollers. The newly designed gathering chain reduces free ground loss while improving on snapping efficiency and grain quality.

Maximum flexibility 
The long feeder house comprises a strong welded frame and a 102mm-diameter tube, and the feeder house can be easily attached to the header. The floating drum on the feeder house ensures plenty of clearance for high crop flow volumes, preventing clogging.

A threshing cylinder and tine rotor separator provide efficient threshing and separation, and reduce grain damage. A rasp-bar cylinder and wire concave are standard for wheat.

John Deere’s unique ‘pull and release’ design ensures that material from the beater falls into the tine rotor separator and is rotated from the front end of the rotor. This results in aggressive feeding with efficient separation, while minimising grain damage.

The C120 harvests high-yielding crops as rapidly as possible, thanks to a large adjustable chaffer on the shoe and a large sieve with a cleaning area of 3,39m². This has the capacity to clean most crops.

A deep-tooth chaffer is an option for harvesting soya bean and maize.

Cleaning capacity
The cleaning unit comprises two key components in addition to the fan: a chaffer in the upper shoe, and a sieve in the lower shoe. These provide superior cleaning capacity to match the high throughput of the C120 separator.

A 4,2m³ tank with an unloading rate of 36ℓ/ s and a clean grain elevator ensure enough capacity for the highest-yielding crops.

An automatic hydraulic latch allows the operator to swing and latch the auger from the cab.

The C120 combine range features a 121kW John Deere 4,5-litre, turbocharged, water-cooled engine. Sensors for engine speed, crankshaft positioning and air filter help maintain optimal performance and reliability.

The C120 combine has a high-strength, two-piece 1000-series front axle and individually activated brakes on both sides of the transmission. Two hydraulic brake pedals enable turns to be made easily when used separately.

A productive, comfy cab
The large windshield provides excellent visibility. A single-tilt steering column with instrument panel and display enables back and forth motion for operator comfort.

Mechanical suspension allows for four-way seat adjustment to obtain the ideal driving position.

C120 is a registered trademark of John Deere.

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