Kubota South Africa launches new L1 Series

Kubota’s new L-series of compact tractors, with their simplified operation and smoother performance, enables a farmer to be more productive as well as more comfortable. The tractors also offer improved fuel efficiency, thanks to greater air flow into the combustion chamber.

Kubota South Africa launches new L1 Series
The Kubota L1361, which is part of the company’s new L-Series tractors, is the only tractor in the series fitted with a 27kW engine.
Photo: Supplied
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Kubota is taking compact tractors to an entirely new level with its new L-Series, which features the L1361, L1421 and L1421 HST.

“The series represents not only a performance enhancement, but refreshed design that increases visibility and allows jobs to be done more easily, better and faster than with standard models,” says Dieter Bergmann, national sales manager of Kubota in South Africa.

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Increased airflow for greater fuel efficiency

Models in the series are relatively similar, except for the L1361, which has a 27kW, four-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine. The L1421 and L1421 HST have 31kW engines.

The unique three-vortex combustion system in the engines enables increased air-flow into the combustion chamber for better energy consumption, fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, while Kubota’s Dynamic Balancer helps minimise noise and vibration.

All three models sport IntelliPanelTM Display, allowing drivers to keep track of features,
including the working gear, range selected, ground speed, PTO speed, fuel usage and hours
worked, all at a single glance.

Choice of transmissions for versatility

The L1361 and L1421 have a comprehensive range of Kubota transmissions, ensuring
versatility and ease of use.

“If you need a straightforward gear transmission for general purpose farm work, or you’re looking for precise control and speed for spraying and crop
protection, the L-Series has you covered,” says Bergmann.

On the L1421 and L1421 HST, the driver can operate the hydraulic independent
PTO without using a clutch, allowing the tractor to take control and engage the PTO
safely and efficiently.

“Our new electric PTO switch makes PTO operation easier than ever and is conveniently
located on the side console,” explains Bergmann.

“The PTO is started with one turn and stopped with one push of a dial.”

The L1421 HST offers even greater manoeuvrability, thanks to Kubota’s pioneering hydrostatic transmission technology (HST).

The system increases pedal responsiveness for smoother performance and improved
control, regardless of the load size. It also reduces shock, vibration, noise and fatigue, while improving tractor performance.

“HST has made operating a tractor as simple as driving a car,” says Bergmann.
The HST system boasts a revolutionary load-sensing feature that automatically
regulates the hydrostatic pump and motor activity when it detects a drop in engine speed.

In addition to three range shift speeds, Kubota’s HST Plus includes a lever to shift
between high and low speeds in each range, expanding the options to six speeds.

“Once your preferred range shift speed is set, you can easily shift the hydro
dual-speed lever between high and low speeds while moving,” Bergmann says.

Cost performance leader

The series is available across the country, with prices at R224 000 for the L1361, R275 000
for the L1421 and R325 500 for the L1421 HST, excluding VAT.

All Kubota products come with a three-year/2 000-hour warranty and are fully backed by a comprehensive dealer network.

“The L-Series is a cost performance leader with workhorse features that will keep you working comfortably and efficiently throughout the day,” says Bergmann.

“If you’re in the market for a new tractor or simply looking to mechanise more
efficiently, look no further than the new Kubota L-Series.”

For more information, contact your Kubota dealer, visit the Kubota website kubota.co.za,
or phone 011 284 2000.