Kubota balers now in South Africa

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Kubota’s BF 3255 RN and RNT fixed-chamber balers are built to perform under the toughest conditions. The unique chamber design guarantees good output of challenging crops, while the 17 ribbed rollers ensure a high bale rotation speed for the best bale shape and capacity.

Kubota balers now in South Africa
Kubota’s BF 3255 RN/RNT specialist balers for heavy silage conditions offer farmers consistent performance under all conditions.
Photo: Kubota SA
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The Kubota factory has been building round balers since 1975 and the new BF 3255 range of balers, which has been designed to reduce the maintenance cost needed to keep a baler running under tough conditions, is the result of decades of experience.

The unique pick-up design, with multiple bearings and a cam-track on both sides, is a great example of Kubota’s focus on durability. The maintenance of the full roller chamber has been simplified with grouped grease nipples to grease the roller bearing.

The BF 3255 balers are easy to operate. All critical processes are monitored and controlled by the comfortable Focus 3 terminal. Thanks to its clear signs and an easy-to-understand colour screen, the operator remains informed throughout the process.

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In case of an overload, the cam-clutch on the pick-up and main power take-off shaft will protect the baler against damage.

Fast-acting net cycle
The BF 3255 balers are equipped with the patented front- mounted PowerBind net and twine system, which ensures neat, tightly wrapped bales.

The binding system has been designed to make the work of operators as easy as possible and to preserve the shape of the bale through excellent binding. The net is located in a very low position to help the operator replace it without having to lift up the roller too high. To replace the empty roll, the operator can just swing out the shaft and slide on a new roll.

Lightening the load
The PowerFeed intake system, with optional 14 knives, is equipped with the effective Kubota Parallelogram drop floor system, which provides faster and easier clearing of blockages.

The system not only lowers the rear edge of the drop floor, but also lowers the front section of the floor, where a blockage is more likely to occur. A high rotation speed and small diameter results in a constant flow of crops.

The rotor intake, with helicoidal placement of the 14 fingers, forces the crop into the bale chamber for higher intake speeds.

The Kubota PowerFeed intake rotor also provides huge feed capacity, handling both wet and dry crops under all conditions.

Bale chamber
The PowerMax bale chamber, with 17 ribbed rollers, ensures an instant bale start.

Designed for heavy silage conditions, these small-diameter profile rollers provide maximum density and superb bale rotation under all conditions.

The bale chamber driveline is robust and sturdy, and can withstand the most severe loads, with rollers mounted on heavy duty, remotely greased bearings.

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