The latest Case IH Austoft cane harvesters

Case IH has launched its Austoft 8010 and 8810 sugar cane harvesters on the Africa and Middle Eastern markets.

The latest Case IH Austoft cane harvesters
The Austoft 8010. The 8010 and 8810 sugar cane harvesters were introduced in Australia, Southeast Asia and China last year after 18 000 hours of in-field testing.
Photo: Case IH
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The Case IH Austoft 8010 and 8810 single-row and multi-row sugar cane harvesters are the latest models in the Austoft series.

Among their new features are LED working lights, a raised cab position for better operator visibility, and new rear-view mirrors, footrests and operator seat for improved driver comfort.

Other features and improvements include:

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  • Optional Auto Float function (crop divider height control)
    This automates the control of the crop divider lift cylinders, keeping the toe in contact with the soil at all times while preventing ‘ploughing’.
    The function prevents an inexperienced operator from accidentally lowering the crop dividers too far, while allowing an experienced operator to focus on other harvesting functions. Activation of the Auto Float function is integrated into the Auto Tracker control, which means that no additional operator actions are needed to use the system.
  • Larger diesel fuel tank
    The fuel tank of both models has a 29% greater capacity, greatly increasing in-field endurance. The tank has also been repositioned to enable easier servicing and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Three operational video cameras
    These cameras, which now come as standard equipment, are positioned on the sides and lower section of the machine. They can be monitored easily on the AFS Pro700, and the adjustable screens allow for instant interaction and switching of views.
  • Improved engine protection software
    This reduces the risk of engine damage should the cooling system overheat. “The Austoft 8010 and 8810 meet the increasing demand for innovation in the sugar cane harvesting industry,” says Marcin Ruppert, Case IH marketing manager for the Middle East and Africa. “We’re confident that sugar cane growers will appreciate the improvements, which will lead to greater profit, as well as increased output for sugar mills.”