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Small kudu. Big problem?

Eastern Cape game farmers have noticed that kudu bulls have become smaller, and they’re pleading for research to find out why.

The York family & Breeding Golden Wildebeest

The York family respect the people and the animals they work with and run their business on old-fashioned values. Barry York talks to Nan Smith about game farming and the...
How to start farming high value mgame species

How to start farming high-value game species

Wildlife managers need experience and ability to succeed in this exciting, growing business.

Game farmer talks economics of expansion

Diversification, expansion and partnership are the building blocks of a game farming business in the Northern Cape. Wintershoek’s Wiaan van der Linde WRSA’s Game Farmer of the year in 2012...

The wildlife industry rises to the challenge

“The people whose livelihoods are dependent on the sustainable use of any living resource are those who are the most concerned about its proper management.” These are the opening words...
The revolution of game capture methods

The revolution of game capture methods

Jan Oelofse pioneered a game capture technique that transformed the practice of antelope capture.

Fresh wind blows in the Kalahari for the Khomani San

The first game and hunting ranch owned and managed by the clan of the legendary Bushman Dawid Kruiper is open for business. Those with a love of pure hunting skills...
game auction trends 2012

Understanding the game auction trends for 2012

A number of high-value species and colour variants were traded during 2012, says Dr Cloete.

Economy and ecology of Karoo agriculture

Sheep farming has long been the mainstay of the agricultural economy in the Karoo, but agricultural economists Dr Thula Dlamini and Prof Gavin Fraser say that springbok ranching offers a...

Game on for Kruger Park Wildlife Services

Every year, hundreds of wild animals are moved from SA’s national parks to other parks, reserves and game farms within the region. Game capture and translocation is a highly specialised...

Restoring the renosterveld

With no previous farming experience but with a love of conservation and wildlife and a large dose of business and common sense, the Bhorat family has turned an undeveloped and...

Colour under investigation

Research on springbok in the Free State focuses on the implications of selecting game animals for their colour. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.


dried tobacco

Big opportunities for small-scale tobacco farmers

The tobacco farming industry is faced with challenges such as the regulation of the use of tobacco by the Department of Health, as well the ongoing threat of an illicit...

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