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The revolution of game capture methods

The revolution of game capture methods

Jan Oelofse pioneered a game capture technique that transformed the practice of antelope capture.

Fresh wind blows in the Kalahari for the Khomani San

The first game and hunting ranch owned and managed by the clan of the legendary Bushman Dawid Kruiper is open for business. Those with a love of pure hunting skills...
game auction trends 2012

Understanding the game auction trends for 2012

A number of high-value species and colour variants were traded during 2012, says Dr Cloete.

Economy and ecology of Karoo agriculture

Sheep farming has long been the mainstay of the agricultural economy in the Karoo, but agricultural economists Dr Thula Dlamini and Prof Gavin Fraser say that springbok ranching offers a...

Game on for Kruger Park Wildlife Services

Every year, hundreds of wild animals are moved from SA’s national parks to other parks, reserves and game farms within the region. Game capture and translocation is a highly specialised...

Restoring the renosterveld

With no previous farming experience but with a love of conservation and wildlife and a large dose of business and common sense, the Bhorat family has turned an undeveloped and...

Colour under investigation

Research on springbok in the Free State focuses on the implications of selecting game animals for their colour. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Castle De Wildt’s opening sale on 7 July

Bernard Groenewald of LBG Holdings opened a game marketing facility, Castle De Wildt, outside Modimolle (Nylstroom) last weekend.

Eastern Cape’s sable pioneer

In 1994 Hennie Barnard became the first person to successfully breed sable antelope in the Eastern Cape. This finalist in the Wildlife Ranching South Africa’s 2011 Game Rancher of the...

Co-existence: leopards & farmers

Farmers and leopards living peacefully together might sound impossible, especially if you’re farming in the Southern Cape, where predation seems rife. But a new study suggests that leopards in the...

Wildlife: stay in the game

Whenever there are problems in an industry, it is advisable to go back to basics. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Karoo’s small cats tread softly

Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes) and African wild cat (Felis silvestris lybica) populations are under threat from diminishing prey bases, degraded habitats, persecution, disease and hybridisation. To better understand Africa’s smallest...


Making the most of calcium as a soil and plant nutrient

Making the most of calcium as a soil and plant nutrient

Despite being a vitally important element for optimal crop production, calcium is often largely undervalued by farmers and agronomists. Plant health expert Heather Raymond explains why this outlook needs to...
Firestone Farm Hard

Farm hard with Firestone

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