Trout & war in the Amatholes

The streams of the Amathole Mountains – including the Wolf River – were immortalised by Sydney Hey in his African fly-fishing text, The Rapture of the River. Mike Burgess travelled...

Mauritius: sun, surf & lazy days

Mauritius, Ile de Maurice… the mere name conjures up images of never-ending white beaches and sapphire blue waters. Annelie Coleman visited the island earlier this year – and found it...
Making the most of the ostrich

Making the most of the ostrich

This ostrich farm in the Western Cape has diversified into tourism, sport, concerts and other attractions that ensure a constant income stream. Jay Ferreira reports.

Dolls & bugs

Girls should not be deprived of interacting with nature and being exposed to fieldsports, writes Abré J Steyn.

The Falls Backpackers and Adventures

In 2004 Adriaan Badenhorst and Angela Metcalf quit their jobs as guides on the Orange River and moved to an abandoned trading station near Maclear in the Eastern Cape to...

Cutting tools- Mankind ultimate tool

Cutting tools, especially knives, are mankind’s ultimate tool, writes Abré J Steyn. This week he looks at various folding knives, including one of his favourites – Leatherman’s Klamath.

Flight to the lakes

Kenya is iconic wildlife territory, place of the annual wildebeest migration and the mighty Great Rift Valley. Millions of migratory flamingoes find sanctuary in the Rift Valley lakes. Keri Harvey...
DIY straw bale house

DIY straw bale house

Build your own affordable, sustainable straw bale home with these handy tips.

One man, two boys & a salty adventure

Ben Freeth tells the story of how he and his two sons set out on a fund-raising expedition across the Makgadikgadi salt pans on a home-built go-kart.

Fishing for gold in the Kraai River Basin

Each summer, smallmouth yellowfish migrate up the Kraai River Basin to spawn. Although they make for excellent fly-fishing, we should respect their spawning habits and the river basin, writes Mike...

The end of the road

The time has come for Abré J Steyn’s last Field Sports. Although it is the end of the road, it it most definitely not the end of his globe-trotting adventures.

The ssssssecrets of Ophidiophobia

Our fear of snakes harks back to our primeval ancestors – and is shared by many creatures. Yet these beautful creatures deserve our respect and protection. Abré J Steyn takes...


'ANC must urgently clarify latest land expropriation proposal'

‘ANC must urgently clarify latest land expropriation proposal’

Land reform experts are calling on the ANC to urgently clarify its recent surprise announcement that it intends to push for expropriation without compensation (EWC) decisions to vest with the...

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