Building units to let

Some time ago, Michael from the Midlands Meander in KwaZulu-Natal between Mooi River and Howick, bought a vacant plot and requested that I design a residential home to be constructed on the property.

Building units to let
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Soon after our initial contact, however, he and his wife found a home that suited their needs, and elected to buy rather than build.

Considering the downturn in the economy, buying or building a new home is an excellent investment. About 45 years ago, I built and sold four speculative houses, making a 15% profit on each.

Extended-family, single kitchen units
Michael was keen to invest in property, and contacted me again after his purchase to further discuss building on the vacant plot.

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However, this time he wanted a design for a small complex of units that he could let. With this in mind, Michael and I conceived a complex that would suit both the local demand for properties to rent, and the local authority approval. (The site was zoned for a single unit and a granny flat.

As mentioned previously, having the property rezoned is a laborious, time-consuming process.)

The units conceptualised are similar to the many ‘extended family’ homes in the Durban municipal area that I have designed: semi- separate living units, all under one roof, with one kitchen.


In the above layout, I have shown the central unit (2), with a kitchen. The other two units (1 and 3) contain a pub and laundry respectively, in which washing equipment can be installed. With these fitments in place, kitchenettes can be added as necessary.
Depicted are three, comfortable units to let, each boasting complete privacy.

The entrance atrium, which is an enclosed area, serves to integrate the three units as a single homestead.

The styling shown can be changed, of course, but this particular design is practical and cost-effective.

Issue date: 23 September 2016