Church-style roofing

Jonno assists Tessa and Peter with roofing ideas.

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Hi Tessa & Peter,

After our chat about your proposed new house to be built on your KZN Midlands farm, here is a bag full of options.

Peter, you wanted a roof pitch at more than the usual 45° required for thatching. The reason being, you wanted a full footprint usable floor space upstairs. There are several ways of achieving this, especially with the already 11m x 16m floor layout that you’ve started digging.

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In the schematic cross-sections shown here, section A is a roof pitch of 60°. Maybe a bit over-the-top, unless a third floor level is required. Section B is a 50° roof pitch, with dormer windows angled out at 15°. I’ve shown a perspective view of this as well – I personally like this option.

In section C I’ve shown the peripheral outer walls lifted by 1,5m above ground floor. This gives adequate first floor living space, while retaining the usual 30° farm-style pitched roof. Dormer windows can also be incorporated similar to section B.

Tessa and Peter, let me have your preferences and I’ll adjust to suit.




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