Low-key bachelor pads

Jonno helps Linda with plans for no-nonsense bachelor pads.

Hi Jonno,

Could you please tell me what you would charge to draw up a basic plan for a 100m2 house? I want to build a very basic, very rustic house with no bells and whistles (primitive is the guideline) in a small Free State town.

I was thinking of two self-contained bachelor pads. However, I would also like to know the fee to draw the plan as shown in Farmer’s Weekly of 9 September 2011.

I look forward to your response,



Hi Linda,

No bells or whistles, but certainly a few oohs and aahs. A pretty picture and alternative ideas are what Farmer’s Weekly readers would want, so I’ve prepared the bachelor pads with optional layouts.

I have also included verandas and a carport as future additions, even if you want to keep it simple for the moment. I’ve just been away for a weekend in Clarens, and so admired the beautiful stonework there.

If you have access to any of that masoned stone, then certainly this is what the outer walls should be. In perspective I’ve only shown the plinth of the cottage in stone, as this was also an option in old Free State homes. The hipped roofs were, of course, the definite identifiers.

Two comfy bachelor pads under a 100m² main roof – not too shabby, hey?

I’ll email the cost of plans separately.