Growing groundnuts

Groundnuts is a drought-toleraGroundnuts are rich in protein and can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted. The upright types are mostly cultivated under drier conditions, while the runner kinds are...

Newcastle disease (NCD)

is a serious poultry disease and can affect any kind of poultry operation, from backyard production to large commercial poultry farms.

Understanding cash flow and expenditure

It's very upsetting knowing you have to pay an account when you don't know where the money is going to come from. That's why keeping track of your expenses is...

Another one bites the dust

Some 13 years after the Tafelkop Farmers Association "invaded" an unused irrigation scheme in Groblersdal, they still haven't acquired the title deeds promised to them by the then minister of...

Ngunis go commercial

After 25 years of trading and farming in Elliotdale in the former Transkei, Zolani Tyali eventually settled on Brooklyn, a commercial farm near Morgan’s Bay in the Eastern Cape. He...

Mushrooms: income for the poor

Poverty alleviation and improved food security in KwaZulu-Natal has found an ally in the tasty and sought-after oyster mushroom. With help from the Chinese government, KwaDindi residents are now diversifying...

Extension officer turned emerging farmer

Bone Mokomele is an emerging farmer who served as an extension officer for the agriculture department for more than 10 years. A land restitution beneficiary, he farms wheat near Brits...

No land for this promising pig farmer

Ivan Cloete started farming with pigs in Blackheath near Cape Town seven years ago.

Farming one herd: answer to communal poverty?

Getting communal cattle farming to work has always been difficult, as many farmers refuse to cooperate. But the Vuvha community in Venda has found that sharing resources and managing all...

Moringa: A tree for all seasons

The moringa tree is being touted as the ideal biodiesel crop for communities farming on marginal soils, writes Robyn Joubert.

Saving a community’s chicken farm

A six-year-old, municipal-funded, community-based broiler project near East London in the Eastern Cape has struggled to survive due to poor management and chronic theft. But it achieved a R26 000...

Grooming SA farmers for European markets

A Danish businessman's tenacity and the commitment of a group of local emerging farmers have built up a thriving commercial business that enables its producers to compete on European markets....


Cattle branding

Cattle branding: how to get it right every time

If branding is carried out poorly, it can lead to infection, muscle damage, and brands that are difficult to read. Shane Brody explains how to ensure safe, effective branding.

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