Hoedspruit land claim: coming to fruition

Collapsed land reform farms are depressingly common in South Africa, but in Marulaneng (Hoedspruit) claimants and farmers have teamed up and their fruit estates are flourishing. In fact, the district...

Prelude to a disaster Loskop Dam goes toxic

Mining pollution threatens to turn Loskop Dam into the largest toxic acid lake in Africa, as decades of coal mining on the Mpumalanga Highveld starts to catch up with us....

Emalahleni by-laws to tame killer dogs

A heated debate took place at the Indwe police station between police, Emalahleni municipal officials and farmers from Indwe and Dordrecht.

Bringing up broilers

Robyn Joubert visited Hanbury Chickens, a family-run broiler business in KwaZulu- Natal. Modest and efficient, the Hanburys use modern methods to get the most out of their birds - guaranteeing...

Why we can’t lose the renosterveld

As it made way for the sprawling croplands of the Western Cape, renosterveld became synonymous with agricultural non-productivity, earning itself names like uitvalgrond. But, as Odette Curtis writes, this shrinking...

Sizwe’s stud success

In 1994 Sizwe Manjezi acquired some 900ha near Peddie in the Eastern Cape to expand his family tradition of cattle farming. Even though he's at the helm of a respected...

Fighting cross-border stock theft: making a way of a will

Feeling let down by government policing efforts, a group of farmers in rural KwaZulu-Natal have established their own innovative and successful system to fight stock theft between the province and...

Orange spuds feeding the nation

In South Africa's rural areas children have alarmingly low levels of vitamin A, which can result in infections, blindness and even death. To combat this critical deficiency, researchers suggest the...

CDs to save the grapes

Dieter Sellmeyer of Lynx Wines, a small boutique winery near ­Franschhoek, believes CDs are for the birds - ­metaphorically, not ­literally.

Food for restitution thought?

The Popela judgment by the Constitutional Court is probably the most important legal benchmark in land reform law since the Richtersveld ruling in 2004. It has widened the definition of...

Gwanya hands over 32 000 hectares of Tenbosch

Some 32 000 hectares of land worth R1 billion was officially handed over recently to four communities as part of the Greater Tenbosch land claim in Mpumalanga's deep rural Nkomazi...

Communities now own 75% of St Lucia Wetland Park

Land claims on the world heritage site, Greater St Lucia Wetland Park (GSLWP) in northern Zululand, are being settled quickly and amicably between affected parties.


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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