I SOLD MY FARM IN LEVUBU IN August 2005 to the Land Claims Commission after a long saga which started in April 2000. In anticipation of payment for my farm, I subsequently borrowed money from the bank to buy an alternative farm and moved 500km away.

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Unfortunately my land in Levubu consisted of two farms, 7km apart but linked at the deeds office to form an economic unit. The second farm is also part of a land claim, but by a different group. This linkage can only be severed by the Department of Agriculture. This needs to be done before the sale can be registered to the new owner.
My attorney has been trying since October 2005 to motivate a ghost worker at the Department of Agriculture to do this “de-linking’ process, and after one year and eight letters has had no success. The effect of this inefficiency on me is as follows:
• I currently pay R140625 per month interest on my own money to a bank because I am not being paid for my farm.
• I live 500km away and am still responsible to keep this farm in the condition it was four years ago when it was valuated, as the commission expects nothing to change between the initial valuation and their final inspection (four years apart) before I get paid.
• I am still paying insurance on all the infrastructure (a further R9 000 per year).
• The farm cannot be rented out due to the short-term nature of such a contract.
The minister and all her ghost worker henchmen should stop blaming farmers for her department’s “lack of capacity” – what does it mean? People that have been employed above their ability cannot do the work or take responsibility for their positions, but handsomely share in the rewards. This is corruption, nothing else, with thousands of ghost workers with excellent salaries and fringe benefits (paid by the taxpayers) permanently on sick leave, at a huge cost to myself.
My only recourse to solve this problem is to sue the minister in order to force her and her ghost workers to do the job for which they are being paid by the taxpayers. This government inspires citizens to pay tax!
Marius Shrenk,