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Technology improves efficiency of agri tyres

Agricultural tyres are essential to food and fibre production, yet their importance is often overlooked. Dilip Vaidya, president and director of technology for off-highway tyre manufacturer BKT Tires, speaks to...
Total’s Tractagri high-performance motor oil

Motor oil that reduces cost and improves performance

Total’s TRACTAGRI HDX 15W-40 high-performance motor oil has been specifically designed for turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, and can be used in tractors and other agricultural machinery.
Methane Powered New Holland tractor

A methane-powered tractor by New Holland

New Holland recently received an international award for its concept tractor, which offers huge savings in running costs.
Novacat A10 Cross Flow combination

Pöttinger’s Cross Flow mower

This company’s latest development saves time, effort and fuel, and will be welcomed by all farmers who carry out haymaking and silage operations.
Husqvarna- 436LiB Battery blower

Blowers that can clean much more than leaves!

Husqvarna leaf blowers are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and ease-of-use over an extended period.

Save your tyres – and save money

Reduce fuel expenditure and improve productivity by ensuring tractor tyres are inflated to the optimum pressure.
Case Puma 240 tractor fitted with TractAir’s central tyre inflation system

On-the-go tyre pressure control

TractAir introduced its central tyre inflation system at the recent LAMMA Show in the UK. The system enables the operator to adjust tyre pressure from the cab.
New Firestone warranty a boon for farmers

New Firestone warranty a boon for farmers

Firestone has extended its warranty on selected US-made agricultural tyres from five to nine years, a dramatic improvement that could potentially save farmers thousands of rands.
Mercedes- Benz Unimog U529

Meet the New Mercedes-Benz Unimog U529

Mercedes-Benz Trucks launched the Unimog U529 in Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal. Joe Spencer attended the event and reports that the U529 offers a high degree of versatility.
Keep that old combine moving

Keep that old combine moving

A combine harvester is a major investment. Keep it in good working order through regular maintenance.
New Holland self-propelled, front boom sprayer model

New Holland’s self-propelled, front boom sprayer model

According to New Holland, a front-mounted boom offers many advantages over a rear-mounted one.
Pöttinger Terradiscs

Pöttinger Terradiscs – wider and faster

Pöttinger Terradiscs, very wide, high-speed disc harrows, were launched at Agritechnica 2018 in Hanover.


New African swine fever outbreak in Gauteng

New African swine fever outbreak in Gauteng

Gauteng’s Department of Economic Development, Agriculture and Environment is scrambling to contain yet another outbreak of African swine fever (ASF).

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