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Getting tractors and implements to ‘talk’ to each other

With the high cost of equipment, it is increasingly important to verify the compatibility of a tractor and implement configuration. Fortunately, information is readily available that enables the farmer to take the guesswork out of this procedure, writes Stehan Cloete.

Boots or shoes? Let Bata help you decide

When choosing between safety boots and safety shoes, you need to consider a few important factors. Here’s Bata’s guide to making the right choice for your circumstances!

Making spraying affordable for all farmers

Jacto’s new concept application system for tractor sprayers brings more technology to small- and medium-sized farmers at an affordable price.

How to get the most out of your brushcutter

When it comes to clearing work, a brushcutter is your most versatile tool. Husqvarna provides some tips on how to work safely and effectively with your brushcutter.

SlurryKat’s unique combination dump and silage trailer

Northern Ireland machinery manufacturer SlurryKat has launched a special combination trailer that can be used as both a dump trailer and a silage trailer. Chris McCullough reports on this innovative design.

The latest generation of seed-sowing robots

AGCO/Fendt is developing the next generation of field robots as part of a strategic research project. The new series of Xaver sowing robots differs markedly from the past two iterations, and in more than just appearance. The inner seed units of the machines are also entirely new.

New mower and header attachments from CLAAS

German-based agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS has announced the launch of two new mower ranges, as well as changes to its line-up of ORBIS row-independent front attachments for the JAGUAR self-propelled forage harvester.

Things to consider when buying a new Husqvarna ride-on mower

Do you have a big lawn to mow? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a ride-on mower!

Filling the narrowest gap in the tractor market

Buyers of orchard and vineyard tractors have a disappointingly limited range from which to choose. Manufacturers, it seems, have not found this an easy segment to supply. But Valtra now offers a solution that appears to be economically sustainable, writes Stehan Cloete.

A system for efficient irrigation

Water-use efficiency is becoming more and more important due to escalating usage costs. Agrico offers irrigation farmers a clever solution.

A self-adjusting tractor tyre

Agricultural machinery company STEYR, in co-operation with Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is developing an ‘intelligent’ tractor wheel equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that ensures optimised tyre pressure at all times and hence reduces compaction.

African farmers test-drive CASE IH combines

The Case IH Axial-Flow 4088 proved its suitability to tough African farming conditions, and specifically to the needs of emerging field crop farmers, during extensive field tests conducted recently on a variety of crops in Kenya. The machine’s rugged simplicity also won it praise.

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