Bakkie storage to last for generations

Bakkies aren’t safe when it comes to storage. This durable box solves the problem. Chris Nel reports.

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Farmers and others using bakkies for daily transport have very specific needs for stowing, and Pioneer Plastic’s Bakkie Box seems to satisfy them all and more.The conventional steel trunk is usually covered with a tonneau to hide it from prying eyes, but it is neither secure nor water- and dustproof. Its paint chips or chafes off to expose it to rust; dust and water, if a sufficiently heavy gauge sheet metal is used that is able to resist denting, and two men are needed to lift it on or off the bakkie.

The answer to your stowing problems
The Bakkie Box is one-piece moulded from LLDPE polyethylene, a robust, seamless, steel-reinforced unit with a hinged lockable lid.This tough, impact- and crack-resistant, UV-stabilised, non-toxic and corrosion-resistant material will last many years, and can be passed on to the next generation.

It measures 785mm x 300mm x 360mm and offers secure, lockable storage. It can be sat or stood on. Steel-reinforcing in strategic places and a wall thickness of 3,5mm or more means that it proves a challenge to break into. If necessary it can also be bolted down through holes drilled through its floor and that of the load box to offer semi-permanent safe storage that can be removed if needed.

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The Pioneer Plastics Bakkie Box comes standard in blue-grey, with other colours available on order. It weighs around 5,5kg. Two galvanised hinges are fitted to the rear and a front-mounted rotating hasp and staple for padlocks.

Where to get it
Available from leading outdoor and 4×4 retailers, or on factory order. The factory price is R560, with discount on bulk orders.

Contact Gary Wiid, marketing manager: Pioneer Plastics on 012 541 6000/1/2, or e-mail [email protected]