In with the old

I got a call from a prospective farmer in the battlefields area of KZN, to come and see three derelict old farm houses on three adjacent farms in the area. Erich was to establish a new farming venture on one of these farms; and required a home for the manager to be.

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Hi Erich,

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It was good seeing all the old farm houses again, although now derelict and abandoned. Those beautifully masoned sandstone walls make it worthwhile resurrecting the old homes. I’m sure your farm manager will be delighted with the outcome.I’ve left all the window and door openings as they are. The windows and doors will have to be purpose made, as they measure up to the sash-window types of yesteryear.

There may be some off-the-shelf sizes that could be included. As the old roof was the first to ‘disappear’, I’ve reinstated it with a corrugated iron hip-type roof and low-slung veranda roof that was typical of the period.

The brick room-dividing walls (indicated in red), could be built on the existing concrete floor slab, as it seems very stable and has been there for 70 years or more. The room arrangement is open-plan in keeping with modern trends. Give your comments and we can proceed with the technical drawings.

Best regards, Jonno