Hillbilly Homes

Hillbilly homes


Functional & private cottages

I recently received a call from Angela, inviting me to attend a site meeting in a Durban suburb to discuss the design of two cottages on her property for possible...

A children’s ministry village

Themba and his wife own a 15ha piece of land on which they live and farm near Stutterheim. They have been using the farm as a Bible training centre for...

Modern farmhouse in Kenya

Dear Jonno I own a farm in Kenya, and am looking to build a farmhouse with modern interiors. The building site is on a slight...

Practical home additions

James and Jill phoned me to request help with the design of additions to their home in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal.

Scottish-style, double-storey home

A family in Botswana asked me to design them a Scottish-style, double-storey home. The living area had to be on the ground floor and three bedrooms had to be upstairs.

A large home in Zimbabwe

Kumbirai had a request for a four-bedroom home in Zimbabwe to be built on a farm. Here is the sketch of the house Jonno designed.

Zulu-style tourist cottages

I am in the final stages of refining a large project comprising tourist cottages, as well as wedding and conference facilities, in the foothills of the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg.

A traditional three-bedroom double-storey home in KZN

Dear Jonno, I buy the Farmer’s Weekly regularly and have noted your designs for double-storey homes with interest. I’m planning to build a home in northern...

A unique ‘glass house’ design

Christine and her husband want to build a three-bedroom home on one level, with open-plan living rooms surrounding an atrium with glass roofs.

Island property in the Zambezi River

I saw your ‘tented getaway for campers’ concept in the issue of 2 September, and am looking to build something similar for tourists on a 33ha island property in the Zambezi...

A two-bedroom Quaker barn-style home

We would really like your help. We plan to semi-retire in the Eastern Cape on the coast. We have lived and worked in a bushveld/farming environment our whole lives, and...

Retirement home renovations

I received a request from Peter, who wanted me to design a retirement home for him in Howick, in KZN.


A world without farmers

For many of my generation, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, which is bringing everyday life to a grinding halt, will be one of the most enduring and disruptive experiences of...
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